• NMIS2023


With the soaring prices of pork and chicken meat in the country, Dr. Jocelyn A. Salvador - OIC, Executive Director of the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) in an emergency meeting held yesterday at the Director’s office, has instructed the Meat Standards and Development Consumer Protection Division (MSDCPD) to craft a statement regarding the NMIS’ responsibility for ensuring safe meat for human consumption regardless of the price of meat.


Director Salvador would like to advise the meat consuming public not to be deceived by the cheaper cost of meat being offered for sale either in public markets or online selling platforms because these may be hot meat or unsafe meat. She explained that hot meat are those that do not undergo meat inspection by the NMIS meat inspectors and do not have proper documentation. Consumers should always look for the Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC) for newly slaughtered, chilled, and frozen meat and the Certificate of Meat Inspection (COMI) for imported meat. Hot meat may compromise our health and may result to food poisoning.

The NMIS is the sole national controlling authority for meat inspection and meat hygiene in order to ensure safe meat from farm to table for every family as per Republic Act No. 9296 as amended by the Republic Act 10536 (Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines as amended). 

(SHIELA B. ENDRINA - Information Officer II)