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Shall be responsible for the inspection and certification of meat and meat products and technical supervision of local government units (LGU)


1. Issuance of Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC)


The Official Inspector (National or Deputized Meat Inspector or Meat Control Officer) assigned in NMIS-licensed meat establishment issues an official certificate, the Meat Inspection Certificate (MIC) to attest that:

  • the meat being certified are from animals that were subjected to ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection, and that at the time and date of inspection, the meat was found to be fit for human consumption, and that,
  • the meat has been handled and/or packed following the rules and regulations of NMIS and the Department of Agriculture.


2. Deputation of LGU Meat Inspection Officer


The process of deputation of Local Government Unit (LGU) meat inspection officers (Meat Inspectors or Veterinarians) was established to augment the NMIS workforce in the enforcement of meat inspection, hygiene, and animal welfare rules and regulation in a specified NMIS-licensed slaughterhouse or poultry dressing plant.


3. Weekly Reporting of Frozen Pork and Chicken in DA accredited Cold Storages


The weekly reporting of Frozen Pork and Chicken in DA accredited Cold Storages is for the guidance of the relevant Stakeholders and partner Government agencies to determine food supply outlook and availability.